Dear Guardians, Parents, and Students,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your cooperation, confidence and consideration for this institution, BPC, established in the year 2057 B.S. The Institute has been giving consistent importance to the quality professional education to meet the needs and expectation of the individuals and the nation, conducting M.B.A. (PU) MBS (TU) B.B.S. (TU) and B.B.A. (PU) ,+2 Management (NEB).BPC would not have been so successful to establish its milestone, had there not been a wholehearted contribution from the side of the teachers, students, a parent concerned and well-wishers. The credit goes to everyone. I request potential students to think of the challenges that are most likely to face in the future before making a choice regarding the programs of study.

Prof.Dr.Deepak Shakhya (Executive Chairman)

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2019-2020 campus year. I am very excited to serve all of you all. Last time was the most successful one at every level; academically, athletically and as a campus community.  To do this, your continued help, leadership and support will be needed at our great Campus!

Looking back at our previous years we have much to celebrate and be thankful for! Our staff, students and parents helped us to earn Accreditation from the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our staff continued to engage in the review and revision of our instructional programs with the many industrial groups to ensure all students were performing at the highest levels.

Mr. Binay Shrestha
Campus Chief,Birgunj Public College.

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

Birgunj public college has always been as an academic innovator.  Our programs provide a highly personalized intensely engaging learning environment for the students. . We have experienced a number of achievements and also challenges during these formative years. About 2800 young and proud graduated from BPC till date are either pursuing higher education or have joined the employment market. Working in collaboration with our students, faculty, employees, student’s parents we are leveraging our strength and tackling our challenges to take BPC to still newer height. The number of guest lectures, interactions with business leaders, training, and student programs has now made BPC a happening place around the year.

Mr. Sankalp Shakya
Program Director
Birgunj Public College.

Welcome to Birgunj Public College, which allows you to imagine and transform the possibilities into reality. We wish our students a holistic lifelong learning experience, as well as a good education.  We are therefore striving to cross the limits of simple books.

Dear students, “You are the builders of a nation. You are technology’s driving force. It’s our ardent hope that you will be able to equip with leadership and management skills as a whole through your years in BPC. Your greatest contribution to your community, to society, to the country and to the world in general is the experience you will acquire, the outstanding skills you will develop and the methodology that you will learn to implement. Great efforts are daunting however, note still, the sweet outcomes of great efforts. “To start you don’t have to be fantastic, however, you have to begin to be fantastic.” I wish all of you every success.

Mr. Arbind Shrestha, Ph.D. Scholar 
Assistant Campus Chief, Birgunj Public College.