1.7-10 Days Web Developement and C.Panel (Web-Server,Linux Based)Workshop.

Birgunj Public College is going to organize  # 7-10 Days Workshop/Trainnings on Web Developement and C.Panel (Web-Server,Linux Based).#

Interested Students/Faculties can Registered themselves follwing the link below : 

Click here to APPLY Online

Trainning Cost Rs 2200/- Only (Which includes Trainning Fee, Certificate, 1 Year domain Name (like example.xyz) and 1 Year Linux Hosting Packages for each individuals ).


1.Domain Name Acquisition and Hosting.
2. Name Server Updation.
3. FTP Protocol.
4. Making the   Webpage/Website live on Internet.
5. Personal Email id Creation based on the  domain name.
6. Subdomain Creation,
7. Site Redirections
8. Auto Application Installations
9. Concepts of DNS , Firewall.
10. Security Services: SSL (https://)

Starting from 10th of  Mangsir  2078. 


  1. Basic Knowledge of HTLM/CSS , JavaScripts etc