Technical Training Session for BIM79/2nd Semester


Ref no/Letter no: Office_ of_ Coordinator /80-81/06                                               21st June 2023


Notice: Technical Training Session for BIM79/2nd Semester (Click here to View)


Dear BIM79/2nd Sem Students,

We are pleased to announce that our campus will be organizing a Technical Training session on “Wireless Data Transfer, Laser Security System, and Embedded C” exclusively for the students of BIM79/2nd Sem. This training session aims to enhance your knowledge and skills in these crucial areas of technology.

Details of the training session are as follows:

Dates: 16th Ashad-Saturday to 18th Ashad-Monday, 2080

Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Venue: BIM Training Hall

Trainer Name: Er. Keshav Sah (Sr. Engineer, Jagdamaba Cement)

During this training session, you will have the opportunity to learn about wireless data transfer techniques, laser security systems, and embedded C programming. The session will be conducted by experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields. It promises to be an enriching experience that will broaden your understanding and proficiency in these subjects.

To ensure your active participation and engagement, we kindly request all the respective students of BIM79/2nd Sem to be present in the training hall throughout the session. Your attendance is essential for making the most of this valuable opportunity.

As the training session will span over multiple days, we will provide refreshments to keep you energized and focused during the training hours.

We look forward to your active participation and hope that this training session will contribute to your academic and professional growth.

Best regards,



Er. Jaikishan Kumar

Coordinator, BPC