Physical class for : UML – Diagram

Dear students of BIM76-6th,

We are excited to inform you all that our class for diagramming, specifically class diagrams, activity diagrams, and use cases, will begin tomorrow (11th July 2023). To know the exact timing of the class, please refer to the timetable posted on the BIM portal.

These diagramming techniques are essential for understanding and representing various aspects of software systems. Class diagrams help in visualizing the structure and relationships among classes, while activity diagrams depict the flow of activities or processes within a system. Lastly, use cases are used to capture functional requirements and interactions between system actors.

We encourage you all to review the relevant concepts and materials ahead of the class to make the most of our session

Time Table  : . BIM-STUDENTS-PORTAL – Birgunj Public College (

Best regards,

Er.Jaikishan Kumar