Notice: Commencement of 7th Semester (BIM76)-Revisited


Ref no/Letter no: Office_of_Coordinator/09

11th August, 2023

📢 Notice: Commencement of 7th Semester (BIM76) -2080


Dear Students,

We hope this notice finds you well and in high spirits. We trust that your last semester exams concluded successfully, and you are ready to embark on the next phase of your academic journey. We are pleased to announce that the commencement of the 7th semester for the BIM76 program is just around the corner!

The session for the 7th semester is scheduled to commence from 1st Bhadra 2080. To ensure a smooth transition into the new semester, we have planned a gradual start for the classes:

Partial classes will be conducted from 1st Bhadra to 15th Bhadra. During this period, we will cover essential introductory topics and provide you with the necessary guidelines for the upcoming semester.

Starting from 16th Bhadra, full-fledged classes will be in session. This is when the comprehensive curriculum for the 7th semester will be covered, allowing you to delve deep into your subjects and gain valuable insights.

Class Schedule (1st Bhadra to 16th Bhadra): (Visit BIM Portal for time table)

Please ensure your presence during these partial class days, as they are designed to set the tone for the entire semester. Your active participation and engagement during this period will undoubtedly contribute to a productive and enriching academic experience.

As you prepare to embark on this semester, we encourage you to approach your studies with dedication, curiosity, and a growth mindset. The 7th semester holds the promise of new challenges and opportunities, and we are confident that you will rise to the occasion.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming semester. Let’s make it a memorable and successful journey together!


Warm regards,

BIM Administration