BIM2076: Collection of Final Project Report and Binding Instructions

Subject: Collection of Final Project Report and Binding Instructions

Dear Students (BIM76),

I hope this message finds you well. This is a reminder regarding the completion of the second checking for your project report. The second checking has been successfully completed, and now it’s time for you to proceed to the final stages of your project submission.

You are requested to collect a copy of your project report from my office at your earliest convenience. Once you have collected your report, please ensure that it is thoroughly reviewed and formatted according to the provided guidelines.

The next step in the process involves finalizing the binding of your project report using the official letterhead. It is imperative that you use the designated letterhead for the binding process. The final bound copy of your project report must be submitted by the specified deadline.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • Date for Final Submission: 15th Bhadra 2080.
  • Date for Final External Summer Project Evaluation/Examination: 18th Bhadra 2080

Please make sure to adhere to these dates to avoid any unnecessary delays or complications in the evaluation process. Your punctuality and attention to detail are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for your dedication and hard work throughout this project.

Best regards,

B.I.M Administration